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“We demonstrate our dedication to our patients, clients and community by providing excellent veterinary health care and customer service with wisdom, integrity and compassion.”

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The 48th Avenue Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary facility dedicated to providing premier veterinary care to companion animals in and around Ladner, BC. We have endeavored to continually build a practice that represents the best that modern veterinary medicine has to offer while never forgetting that our clients are also our friends and neighbors. Your pet is an important member of your family and deserves the finest veterinary care available. At 48th Avenue Animal Hospital, we provide our patients with cutting-edge veterinary care in a caring, friendly atmosphere. Dr. Sharma and his team of staff have delivered high-quality, compassionate veterinary care to pets in Ladner area. Please browse through our website to learn more about our services and facility and then give us a call to set up an appointment for your pet today!

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AAHA is the only organization that accredits veterinary hospitals in North America. It was established in 1933 by leading veterinary professionals, with the purpose of recognizing companion animal hospitals that provide high-quality care while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.
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To help ensure your pet’s safety during surgery we use the safest anesthetic agents available…


We offer a wide range of medical services with the most current technology. Here are some of the in-hospital medical services we provide…


Keeping your dog or cat’s teeth and gums healthy will go a long way to preventing not only bad breath, periodontal disease, and an uncomfortable or even painful mouth, but also …


Digital x-rays can aid in the diagnosis and proper treatment of many serious diseases…


Here at 48th Avenue Animal Hospital, we know the vital importance of pet dietary management, and we can help your pets receive…


The discovery and development of vaccines has been an important step in health care, both for people and for pets. Vaccinations offer protection against major viral and bacterial diseases…


Referral services for advanced and emergency cases are available…


There is a wealth of information available on the internet for clients to seek out additional information about their pet’s condition…


Wendy O'Hara
Wendy O’Hara
January 8, 2024
Very caring and professional staff. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. The office is spacious and clean, with hand sanitizers conveniently located throughout. My dog loves everyone at 48th Ave, and is intrigued by the black kitty!
Geert Ehlers
Geert Ehlers
December 13, 2023
Friendly staff, reassuring and give clear instructions. Appreciate the fact that they are open 7 days.
Habu Ya
Habu Ya
November 7, 2023
We are so THANKFUL for the care from 48th Ave Animal Hospital for our 11 month old Mango who swallowed a Barbie doll jacket? (still to be determined) and got stuck. She couldn’t keep any food down for a few days & we were hoping she could pass it out, as she wasn’t in any pain. Our only critique was that they told us they didn’t have an Ultrasound Machine & we would have to go to an Emergency clinic for that. My Initial reaction was what kind of Animal Hospital doesn’t have an Ultra Sound machine? Did we choose the wrong Animal Hospital as Mango primary caregiver? On our 2nd consultation for Mango’s Digestive Obstruction, the Vet, prescribed some more meds & some soft pate canned digestive food to help pushed the blockage out. As well suggested the next step, would be a Barium X-ray to determine the exact spot of the blockage for the extraction surgery. But thank goodness the combination of meds & soft canned food pushed the rest of the blockage out and she was back to her normal self. We were able to get her into a Britney Spears Costume for Halloween (She wasn’t happy 🙂 ) 48th Ave Animal Hospital has always came through for us & Mango. Thank you again.
Chris Waddle
Chris Waddle
November 7, 2023
I am very happy with this clinic. I find they are very gentle with my pet and they provide very good care.
Bob Lyman
Bob Lyman
October 23, 2023
We have a Great Dane and all the staff treat her so well. I would definitely recommend 48th Avenue Animal Hospital.
Nevada Jones
Nevada Jones
September 26, 2023
Nova LOVES going to 48th. I mean she starts squealing when we take our exit after the tunnel, and will try and jump out of the window before I’m even parked to get to the front door. She has yet to show any other place this much enthusiasm. I drive from Kitsilano to Ladner for this very reason. The staff make me feel just as welcome, and entertain my questions and concerns with such kindness (I have previous experience losing a pet suddenly and tragically), and they are totally cool with my sister coming along for most appointments to help me communicate if I’m too overwhelmed. The Vets there take the time to explain things in a way that is easy to understand and remember, and I appreciate that (I’m neurodivergent and struggle with lengthy verbal instructions).
Wanda McDonald
Wanda McDonald
September 9, 2023
I have been taking my dogs to 48th Ave Animal Hospital for several years. I have always received great service from 48th Ave, very friendly knowledgeable staff. They have always treated my Furbaby’s like they were there own. They put you at ease when worried about your pet. They give you quotes and explain the procedure and the follow up results. I would highly recommend.


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